The fastest response
and a personal approach.

Ljubljana and surroundings: Express mail and errands

We jump in instead of you. We deliver anything within the city and surroundings of Ljubljana. Fast, personal and reliable: letter, package, accounting documents, microbiological material for the laboratory, medicines, promotional material, a device for service, etc. We do the paperwork at all offices, courts, notaries, embassies.

Slovenia in 3 or 6 hours

Order immediate collection and delivery within 3 or 6 hours anywhere in Slovenia. Guaranteed express mail on the same day. Quick response and time flexibility to suit your needs. We can deliver everything from a letter to a pallet up to a weight of 1300 kg. Real-time tracking and personal delivery with a signature.

Slovenia: next day

Package delivery in Slovenia for business users. You send documents, packages, pallets, larger shipments. We pick up your shipment in your office, warehouse, at your home or at another selected location throughout Slovenia. Economical delivery and a simple and friendly procurement procedure.

Worldwide courier services

Delivery of documents, packages, pallets worldwide with tracking. We offer fast Express delivery within 1-3 days or Standard delivery within 1-6 days. As a member of a worldwide network of couriers, we offer one of the most affordable door-to-door delivery services worldwide. Quick response and individual treatment of each order. Ask us for the price and delivery time and order.

Delivery for healthcare and pharmacy

We deliver medicines, samples for analysis, microbiological material and other sensitive medical materials for medical practices, health centers, laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies.

Delivery during quarantine

See how quickly and carefree we can help you deliver shipments or complete your errands. Call