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Slovenia the same day

Slovenia package delivery

Worldwide courier services

The most important

For the fastest service, call us on +3861 561 7000 and entrust us with the following 5 shipment information:

  1. length, width, height in cm
  2. weight of shipment
  3. takeover address
  4. shipping address
  5. desired delivery time (within 3 hours, within 6 hours, up to a certain time, at a certain time)

From letter to heaviest palette.

We do not set any limits for you, we deliver everything from a single sheet of paper to pallets. There are no restrictions on maximum weight either.

Response in 30 minutes, express mail service the same day.

Customers like to praise us for being amazed at the speed of response and execution. For urgent deliveries, we will organise the shortest possible deadline, which is sometimes only a few hours even abroad.

We arrange delivery documents for abroad.

Forget about lengthy filling of bills of lading. According to your instructions, we will fill them out and send them to you by e-mail.

Friendly, reliable and with tracking

Express mail is a strategically important service. It is the fulfillment of your promise to your partner that he will receive what he expects from you in a timely and reliable manner. At TINE Express, we have been making sure for 20 years that your customer never doubts your promises, and you always know where your shipment is.

Express delivery service for medicine

We deliver medicines, samples for analysis, microbiological material and other sensitive medical materials for medical practices, health centers, laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies.

Delivery during quarantine

See how quickly and carefree we can help you deliver shipments or complete your errands. Call