Worldwide courier services

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Worldwide courier services2020-09-24T21:52:15+02:00

The same day or in a few days at the recipient’s address

With the Express Worldwirde courier services, the shipment will be delivered in Europe on the same or the next day, and outside Europe within 2-3 days. With the Standard Worldwirde courier services, the shipment will be delivered in Europe within 6 days, and outside Europe within 10 days.

Abroad-abroad, from letter to large shipments

Under the same conditions, you can also send shipments from a foreign address to a foreign recipient. Shipments can be very large, but they must be carefully and safely packed.

Tracking and personal service

Every shipment is tracked all the time, so you can find out where it is at any time. It will also be delivered outside the regular transport network. You will be notified of the personal delivery to a pre-determined recipient with a confirmation of receipt.

We arrange delivery documents for you.

Forget about lengthy filling of bills of lading. According to your instructions, we will fill them out and send them to you by e-mail.

The most important

For the fastest service, call us on +3861 561 7000 and entrust us with the following 5 shipment information:

  1. length, width, height in cm
  2. weight of shipment
  3. country, city and postal code of the sender
  4. country, city and postal code of the recipient
  5. desired delivery time


Delivery price for Worldwide courier services2020-09-24T22:23:13+02:00

From EUR 9.36 with VAT. In combination with our own couriers and a worldwide network of couriers, we find the best price and optimal delivery solution. For a favourable price, send the following information to narocila@tine.si or +3861 561 7000 : country, place and postal code of the sender and recipient, weight and size of the shipment (length, width, height in cm). We will send you the price immediately.

What is the delivery time of Express Worldwide courier services?2020-09-24T22:23:24+02:00

Across Europe the same day or the next day. Worldwide up to 2-3 days.

What is the delivery time of Standard Worldwide courier services?2020-09-24T22:23:36+02:00

Up to 6 days in Europe, up to 10 days worldwide.

Can you pick up a shipment abroad and deliver it to Slovenia?2020-09-24T22:23:47+02:00


What kind of vehicles do you have available?2020-09-24T22:23:57+02:00

Car, van, lorry or air shipment. We deliver to up to 1,800 kg of weight.

How do I pack the shipment?2020-09-24T22:24:07+02:00

The shipment must be in an envelope, box or on a pallet. Very good packaging with protection and adhesive tape is required. The packaging must have the correct shape.

What time do you accept orders?2020-09-24T22:24:19+02:00

We accept orders every working day from 8:00 to 16:00. We provide transportation 24 hours a day. Call +3861 561 7000 every working day or send an e-mail to narocila@tine.si. We will kindly and quickly arrange everything necessary.

Delivery during quarantine

See how quickly and carefree we can help you deliver shipments or complete your errands. Call

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