Within 1-2 hours at the recipient’s address

The shipment will be delivered as soon as possible, which means within the city and in the immediate vicinity within one hour, two hours or later, depending on your needs.

Careful hand-to-hand delivery

There is no need to pack the shipment separately. We will accept and treat it as carefully as if it was ours. We will then hand it over directly to the person you want, if that is your wish. From hand to hand, door to door.

Larger shipments are delivered by van

Don’t limit yourself to dimensions. With vans we also transport and deliver multi-meter pieces. As carefully as you would do it.

Perfectly designed to fulfill your wishes

Each order is considered individually, we take into account all your wishes that can be physically fulfilled. If necessary, we will include additional couriers to tailor the service to your needs. Nevertheless, the method of billing is simple, transparent and with a uniform tariff.

Entrust us with the entire task

We will not only transport for you, but also organise and arrange. If you wish, we will arrange documents at all offices, buy everything you need, distribute gifts, provide service or reliably transfer valuable items, pick up mail from mailboxes, exchange documents at the accounting service, distribute promotional samples, deliver lunch on a daily basis … In short, everything, you don’t have time for. Click on the button below for more ideas.

What do we need from you?

Entrust us with your wishes.
Check, even if you’re not sure whether someone else can do it for you.

The most important

For the fastest service, call us on +3861 561 7000 and entrust us with the following 5 shipment information:

  1. length, width, height in cm
  2. weight of shipment
  3. takeover address
  4. shipping address
  5. desired delivery time (within 3 hours, within 6 hours, up to a certain time, at a certain time)

Delivery during quarantine

See how quickly and carefree we can help you deliver shipments or complete your errands. Call