What can we do for you?

Practically everything and even more, things you haven’t even thought about until now. Let’s say:

  • getting and certifying documents for you (contracts, ransoms, tender documents, bank guarantees, documents for tax administration, certified documents, construction plans, airline tickets, visas)
  • food delivery for employees
  • bringing morning mail and taking away afternoon mail
  • promotional activities (e.g. packaging and distribution of samples)
  • purchases (forms, toners, office supplies, tickets, food, drinks)
  • online shopping delivery
  • gifting partners (with purchase, packaging and delivery: greeting cards, telegrams, gift bags, bouquets of flowers, balloons, fruit baskets)
  • shipment of sensitive samples, devices or artworks (computer equipment, medical equipment, biological samples, films, audio video devices, mobile phones, paintings, sculptures)
  • purchase of spare parts
  • delivery to service (coffee machine, computer, printer, monitor, mobile phone, camera, TV set)
  • minor relocations
  • money deposit
  • and much more that needs to be done outside the office.

“Is that also possible?”

We know from experience that it is very difficult to understand everything that we can do for you. Therefore, we have already urgently replaced the key for the stolen car, took the forgotten phone from the restaurant, personally bought in a specialised technical store, managed documents with a foreign embassy and transferred biological samples… There is practically no limit.

We will complete the task in a same manner as you would.

When you are not in the office, work is waiting there for you to come back. Don’t waste time transporting, transferring, waiting, managing, handing over or picking up – that’s why we’re here. We will do the job with the same care as you do, reliably and quickly. Without a waste of time.

Where can we go instead of you?

Anywhere in the city in 2 hours, in Slovenia in 3 hours, anywhere abroad in the shortest time possible:

  • to offices (administrative units, FURS, ZZZS, Land Register, notary, court, banks, insurance companies, embassies, etc.)
  • to your other branches or warehouses
  • to AJPES, DURS, accounting
  • to the municipality, embassy, insurance company
  • to court, law firm
  • to the laboratory, medical centre
  • to the printing house, to the service
  • to the store, restaurant
  • to a dry cleaner’s, a florist, a seamstress
  • to the bank, to the vault
  • to the airport
  • … everywhere.

Are you used to doing everything yourself?

Of course you are, in the beginning everyone is. But calculate how many irreplaceable weeks a year you lose because of it. Clients trust us. They say we are reliable, personal and responsive. And that it is worth it. What task are you currently organising that would take up too much time for you or your colleague?

Delivery during quarantine

See how quickly and carefree we can help you deliver shipments or complete your errands. Call