Family business

For 25 years, TINE Express has been a team of friendly deliverymen and assistants for your external errands, led by the Bole family. We do not like bureaucracy, so we have simplified all procedures. We are sworn to kindness and we love to help.

Friendly express mail service

TINE Express is a team of friendly deliverymen and assistants for your out-of-office errands. We are the right hand of those who appreciate time and know how to delegate. We are not intimidated by anything that others find too difficult. That is why we are trusted by the largest companies and the most demanding leaders.

The same day in Slovenia, very fast around Europe and the world

When you’re in a hurry, when flawless delivery is important, when a deadline decides a deal, when a shipment is too sensitive for classic shipping, or when others do not want to deliver a shipment as of the dimensions, it’s time for Tine Express.

Assistant for all external errands

Not only are we an extremely fast delivery service to the next street or to the end of the world, we are also confidants for all the external errands for which you don’t have enough time. We carry out each task in its entirety, including waiting, purchasing, packing, servicing, exchanging, gifting or sorting documents for you.

Fastest and with less bureaucracy.

No one has such a fast, short and smooth running process of taking over an errand or a shipment. This means faster completion and less work for you. We prefer to make our work harder so that we can make life easier for you.

The harder the task, the better we are.

They often call us when others give up. If it is physically possible, we never give up. Highest level of knowledge, many years of experience and an innovative way of thinking allow us to solve every request.

We work for you just as carefully as you do for yourself.

We don’t carry objects, but we fulfill other people’s promises. Your promises to your customers, for example. A specially selected and trained team of our people work in a way that you can truly relax when you hand over a shipment to us.

When it comes to pleasing you, we go the furthest.

Our philosophy is simple: It’s about you. We fulfill all your wishes that do not harm other people. We do our best, so you trust us as much as you trust your loved ones. When others walk, we run.

Delivery during quarantine

See how quickly and carefree we can help you deliver shipments or complete your errands. Call